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Yoohoo~! Big Closet Blowout!

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* My feedback page:
* I do not own any pets.
* First person who can pay in full and requests an invoice to their paypal address gets the item.
* I can do holds and payment plans for items over $100 after a 20% deposit is paid.
* I ship from the United States; prices are in USD.
* I am not responsible for lost items and I do not do refunds unless there are extreme circumstances.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers!

SHIPPING PRICES (USPS has raised their prices!)- all include tracking
In the US
     $7 for accessories, catalogs, & socks
     $12 for skirts
     $17 for JSKs & OPs
     $10 for accessories, catalogs, & socks
     $15 for skirts
     $20 for JSKs and OPs

~WTT/DS: A&tP Short Clara Boots in Navy, Medium~

Condition: Brand New with Tags.  Ordered from Alice & the Pirates SF.
When I received them, realized that they're too big T^T (cries forever).
I would like to trade these with same/similar brand boots in navy.
The code on the invoice is 108P882, I was unable to find stock photos.
Same boots on A/P SF site:
Selling for the Price I paid, $198.

~Melty Royal Chocolate JSK in Milk Chololate, Second Release, Size Medium~ TRADING
Melty Royal
Melty back.4
Colourway: Ivory x Gold
Size: 35in (90cm) bust, 29in (74cm) waist, 33.5in (85cm) length
Condition: New without tags.
Previous owner only wore it once and I have not worn it.
Selling because I would like a different version of this dress.
Lolibrary Link:

~Chocolate Fairytale JSK in Cream & Chocolate~
Chcolate Fairytale Fascinate
Size: 35-37in (89-94cm) bust, 27.5-31in (70-78cm) waist, 36in (92cm) length
Condition: Purchased from comm sales, I have worn it only once.
Selling because it's a bit too sweet for me.
lolibrary link:

~Moi Meme Moite Skirt in Black~
Absolutely gorgeous, but I have nothing that goes with it.
Previous Owner:
A small Size 2, max 26 inches (66 cm).
$75 + FREE Shipping

~AP Merry Making Party in Navy~
AP MMP 6.4
Selling because although I love the print, it's too sweet for me to wear.
Previous owner altered it to expand the waist using the small swatch that comes with AP skirts.
Measurements: 67.5-77.5cm waist, 18.5in (47cm) length
It added 1.75 inches (4.5cm) to the waist.
Please view detail pictures.
Sadly I have not worn it because it's too bright & colorful, even though I love the print.

~AP Magical Etoile in Sax, 1st release~
AP Magical Etroile

Small stains, please see detail pictures
Size: 62cm waist, 47cm length.
Purchased from comm_sales.
Selling because it is too sweet.
Comes with broach, waist-ties, and a Free pair of matching Secret Shop Socks!

~AP Tokimeki Skirt in Brown~
tomeki 1
Selling because I have a lot of brown in my closet.
New with Tags, purchased from AP SF Store.
Size: Waist: 72cm (28in) Waist, 42cm (17in) length.

~IW Chelsea skirt & Headband~

Chelsea 8.4
Chelsea bow 3.4

Purchased from comm_sales.  Selling because I'm trying to simplify my wardrobe.
Includes matching headband, purchased new from comm_sales new;
the girl I bought it from got it in her lucky pack.
Waist: 64cm (25in), can fit 26in, Length: 58cm (23in)

~IW Rabbit Letters Skirt & Headbow Sax~
IW Rabbit Letters stock
IW Rabbit Letters sk.2
IW Rabbit Letters bow.2
Size: 60cm~74cm waist, 55cm (including 1cm of lace) length.

~Bodyline L325 in Brown~
BL 2.4
Stock Photo
Selling because I have so much brown in my wardrobe.
Size Medium, 64-74cm.
Bodyline site

~IW Shoulder Ribbon Cutsew~
purchased used on comm_sales
condition: I have not worn it, it was a bit more soft than the seller disclosed.
  I would give it a 3.5 out of 5, please see detail photos.
Selling because it is short and a difficult color to coordinate.

~BtSSB basic cutsew~
btssbcutsew 2.4
btssb cutsew logo.4
Condition: slightly worn, 4/5
Selling because I can't figure out what to wear it with.
Purchased from a swap meet but I have not worn it.

~BPN Round White Purse~
BPN bag.4
BPN bag2.4
BPN bag 3.4

Purchased from from Peace New SF Store.
Small scuff by the handle, please see detail pictures.

~Offbrand Black Star-Shaped Purse~

Star bag 1.4
Star Bag logo.4
Star bag flaw2.4
Star bag flaw.4
Star bag flaw 3.4
Purchased from a shoe store for $50
Small indents from storage, please look at the detail images.

~Thanks for looking!~


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2014 Wishlist

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New Wishlist:
Moite Wine Glass (any)
Moi meme Moite: Shirring Gathered Sundress in white
Atelier Boz: Varina Corset Mini Skirt (either color)
Alice and the Pirates: Marionette in the closet in Wine (jsk or skirt)
Alice and the Pirates: Steam Alice Neck Corset
Alice and the Pirates: Steam Rabbit Harness
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Rapunzel Cutsew OP
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Gathered Chiffon jsk
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate Chocolita jsk
Innocent World Rottenburg skirt or jsk (any color!)
Angelic Pretty: Chess Chocolate halter jsk in mint
Angelic Pretty: Melty Chocolate jsk in mint
Emily Temple Cute: Falling Alice
Items not pictured: AP Porter Bear Ring, AP Royal Chocolate low waist jsk in White Chocolate (either first or second release), and Meta Moonlight Night in Ivory.
2014 Wishlist

2014 Closet Post!

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A&tP Midsummer Night's Dream: I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I started lolita because of the cut and the print.
I'm a Shakespeare nerd (except for his history plays) and I like that it's not a literal interpretation (just a thought, what if the donkey in the Romeo & Juliet print is really Bottom?)  I'm so happy to finally own this beautiful piece.  TuT  I bought the bonnet before I owned the jsk, which I forgot to take a picture of.
Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate: I had wanted Royal Chocolate in white,but it sold out on AP SF's site, so I bought the chocolate brown instead.  I'm happy with the brown because it goes with more items in my wardrobe.  I adore the color and the cut!


I wear these a bit more otome in style, my only one pieces.

ETC Chocolate and Bears: Yay, finally got this print!  I wanted the sax colourway, but could only find it in grey.  But I wouldn't buy the sax version because the grey makes it look a little bit more mature- as mature as you can get on a print with stuffed animals.  I wear this with a belt to cinch it.
ST Mermaid:  I love the colors!

Meta Love

Meta Fruit Punch Set: This includes the minihat, wristcuffs, and bag!  These are all the extra bows that I don't wear on the dress (not pictured are the extra straps).  Oh Meta...
Meta Candy Star Rabbit: I love this color!  I thought about selling this because I don't think the baby-doll waist suits me, but changed my mind.  Pictured below is the matching necklace I made.
Meta Popping Balloon: This jsk includes so many motifs!  Whipped cream, macarons, sundaes with cherries and strawberries, chocolate crowns, biscuits, and candy!  I coordinate this with a vintage broach I bought in Thailand from a street vendor and a necklace I bought from a street fair in Hawaii.

BtSSB Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate:  Such a cute print, there's Hansel & Gretel, and a shopgirl at Baby pointed out that there's a witch lurking in the window!  I would prefer the other version, maybe someday.
BtssB Ekaterina: My first large purchase from Baby!  I love the old school feel to this, the simplicity of the cut, and the different types of lace.  It's super flattering.
Casual Innocent World
IW Chocolat Classic: Chocolate and Mint: It  disappoints me that the top shirring on this isn't properly aligned.  I changed the three brown bows for buttons to tone it down.
IW Luna Stripe short halter: One of my favorite casual pieces, I wear it with a different belt that it came with.  The back is great.
h.Naoto: The print is acutally embroidered.  Another beautiful piece I hardly wear, partly because it's a little lowcut for lolita.  I'm keeping because it's my only h.Naoto jsk I own and it's so pretty!
IW classical chairs: This dress has re-entered my wardrobe.  I had one when I started lolita, but the bust was too large so I traded it.  When I saw this for sale again, I rebought it because so pretty, I still need to take it in a bit.  I just love antiques.
3 IW
IW Chelsea, IW Rabbit Letters, IW Dot Jaquard

AP Merry Making Party, AP Chocolate Rosette

Meta Lucky Pack skirt, pretty sure it's Teddy Bear Patisserie LP version
BtSSB something... (This is the point I have to go to bed so if I don't know the name I'm just going to skip it- or make it up)

AP Tokimeki Girl, IW brown skirt.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

AP Magical Etoile (broach is currently on a hat), BtSSB Alice at the Fun Faire

A&tP Melty Mermaid, ETC Mermaid, AP Aqua Princess

Lief Sacred Night (another dream print, so long and hard to coordinate though!)
Old School Meta

Bodyline (I want this is every color) & Bodyline

Both handmade by me.  I was really lucky to have matching lace on hand (or I'm just a lace hoarder).

Ice fruit
Handmade by me

Chiffon blouses, all offbrand.

tight tight tights
My more interesting tights.  The newspaper print is by Aldo, the butterflies Celeste Stein (and no longer in print, sadly)
that I hand colored in with fabric marker, BtSSB Chocolat Hausen (or something ridiculous like that), and VMxMakoto Takahashi.

Blurry picture of my sock drawer.


Not included due to time constraints: Blouses, Bags, Boleros, and shoes!  I'll try to be better next year.
Goals: find my style more and have more everyday pieces.  Make more handmade items.

 You would think I would be better at Closet posts by now...
That's all I have time for, I'll try to post more next year!
Thank you for looking!

DS: Repost & More Items!

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* My feedback page:
* I have a cat, but all items are as clean as possible
* First person who can pay in full and requests an invoice to their paypal address gets the item.
* I can do holds and payment plans for items over $100 after a 20% deposit is paid.
* I ship from the United States; prices are in USD.
* I am not responsible for lost items and I do not do refunds unless there are extreme circumstances.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers!

SHIPPING PRICES- all include tracking
In the US, Canada, & Mexico
     $5 for accessories, catalogs, & socks
     $10 for skirts
     $15 for JSKs & OPs
     $7 for accessories, catalogs, & socks
     $15 for skirts
     $20 for JSKs and OPs

~Meta Candy Star Rabbit jsk in purple~

Worn Photo.
A beautiful dress that I keep changing my mind about selling.
Please note that this is not the shirred version!
Free Matching necklace included.
$150 + shipping

~h.Naoto Honey dress~



I had fallen in love with this dress at the SF store; then it went on sale and sold out.
When I saw this at the h.Naoto booth at a convention, I had to get it.  But sadly I just don't wear darker colors.
Super flattering!  Matching necklace posted below.  Feel free to make an offer!
$90 + shipping

~AP Aqua Princess High-waisted skirt in sax & headbow~



Proof photo from my closet post: skirt and bow
Both bought secondhand, never worn by me.
I'm not sure if the previous owner wore the skirt, it's in great condition.
$150 for the skirt, $50 for the headbow, and $190 for both.

~Moi Meme Moite Skirt in Black~

Absolutely gorgeous, but I have nothing that goes with it. Never worn out by me.
Previous Owner:
A small Size 2, max 26 inches (66 cm).
$60+ shipping

~Bodyline L325 in Green~
Stock Photo
Selling because I expected the color to be a darker green, like in the stock photo.
Size Medium, 64-74cm.
Bodyline site
$40 + shipping

~Innocent World Black Blouse~
Purchased from CommSales, I have only worn it once or twice.
Selling it because I don't wear black.  Missing the waist-ties.
A little tight on the arms, but the armhole button could be moved over and resewn for a little more space.
Approximate Measurements:  Bust 34in (86cm), waist 26in (66cm), arm circumference 11inches (28cm)
$75 $65 + shipping

~Meta Marguerite Socks in cream~

- A&tP- Poison d'Amour Romeo & Juliet socks,
New never worn!
I used to own the skirt, but I sold it so now I'm selling the socks. $20

~Angelic Pretty Round Macaron Ring~
Brand new with tags (not pictured), never worn!
Purchased from the AP San Francisco Store.

$33 $28 $20

~Porter Bear Necklace in Mocha~
porter bear
porter bear necklace
Never worn with tags.
Purchased directly from AP SF site.
Slight scratch just above his nose.  I tried to take pictures of it, but it's so thin it didn't photograph.

~H&M Perfume Bottle Necklace~
25.3 combo
Still new in package from H&M!
The top comes off and is attached by a chain.
It's super cute, but I have nothing that matches it :(
There are some small cracks/airholes in the bottle by the top, only noticeable up close.
It also looks like there's glue on the top which I didn't notice until the pictures.
$10 $5 shipped or free with $50+ purchase

h.Naoto Butterfly Necklace
H necklace

~Q-Pot 10th Anniversary Catalog~
photo 4
Intact stickers & mini-catalogue
Purchased new from Hawaii Q-Pot store.  Does not include tote.
$16 $10 + shipping

~BtSSB 2010 S/S Catalogue~
Slight crease at the bottom.
$13 $7 + shipping

~h.Naoto Handkerchief~
6 (2).5
Promotional item from the h.Naoto SF opening.
It's been in storage, I will iron them before shipping.
$10 $5 + shipping or free with a minimum $50 purchase.

~Thanks for looking!~

Feedback Page!

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Hello!Here is my feedback page for non-comm_sales transactions!
Please let me know if it's positive, neutral, or negative, and if there's anything I can improve on!
Thank you!

2013 Closet